June Picks - Redux, Soft Skills

A bit late getting to picks this month... I've been in four different time zones in the past two weeks. Finally getting back to my usual »

Redux: Thunk vs. Saga

Two of the most common ways of dealing with side effects in Redux applications today are thunks and sagas. Thunk: You Got Function All In My »

May Picks - Seven Databases, Seven Concurrency Models

These books had been on my list for a while, I finally found an appropriate time to dive in. Seven Databases In Seven Weeks I've had »

Functional Fundamentals: Currying & Partial Application

This is part four in my series on functional programming fundamentals in Javascript. You can find the previous articles here: part one, part two, part three. »

Functional Fundamentals: Compose

This is part three in a series on functional programming concepts. Here are parts one and two. Last time we looked at building up a chain »