Functional Fundamentals: Higher Order Functions

This is part two in my series on functional programming concepts. Last time, we learned about pure functions. This time, we are going to learn about »

April Picks - FP, Asynchrony

Functional Programming in Javascript Lately, I have been trying to dedicate some time to get more into functional programming. Since I have a background in Java, »

Functional Fundamentals: Pure Function

This is the first part of a series covering some topics from functional programming. What's functional programming? You can read entire books to answer that question, »

Extract Fetch calls with Redux Middleware

The first thing a lot of people coming to the React side-of-things ask is, "what about async actions?" (I did too). Since React is unopinionated on »

February Picks - Ruby, OOD

In February, I was focused on Ruby. While familiar with the basics of Ruby and Rails, I wanted to dive deeper and discover any details that »